Cre8tive eVoting Passcode System

Purchase the Add-on to use :


I cannot access the Installation link, it shows "Sorry, unable to open the file at this time."

You will need to log out from all of your google accounts and log in only to the email account that you provided to us during the purchase.

If you do not wish to log out from all accounts, try to open an incognito window (steps in the picture below).

After that, go to drive.google.com and log in with the email account that you provided to us during the purchase. Then follow the installation steps and you should be able to install in your Google Form.

How to look for Google Form URL?

Google Form URL can be found on the URL of Google Form in the top of web browser.

Example URL: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12vwidVhdn8_SSC9CXgxjdXlJAF8lHEiAq3wAZjFWcPA/edit

Do not use the link from send button!

How to look for Google Sheet ID?

Google Sheet ID can be found on the URL of Google Sheet just between the "/d/" and "/edit" .

Example URL: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FbE0kfXwbOAHw5WBuG2SnCp0uTraSwX6TkYOJ-DSHzw/edit#gid=0

The Google Sheet ID for the example URL: 1FbE0kfXwbOAHw5WBuG2SnCp0uTraSwX6TkYOJ-DSHzw

I'm getting "Invalid Google Sheet, Press "Clear Sheet ID" to clear the connection and press"Setup"" Error after pressing the Send Passcode button. The email that I sent does not deleted automatically.

Please allows 15 - 30 mins after installing the add-ons. It seems like recently Google slowed down the Gmail API enablement and the Gmail API requires some time to enable it in your account.

How to convert the Google Form link into QR Code?

Get the Google Form URL by pressing Send button and select send via Link (second selection). Press Copy and paste at QR Code Generator website. The QR Code is then generated, you can press Save to save the QR Code. Distribute the link to users by showing them the QR Code and asking them to scan the QR Code via mobile phones.

My voters do not have Gmail, can they use this system to vote?

Yes, basically only the owner of form requires to have Google Workspace or Gmail account. If all the voters do have gmail, then the form owner could turn on the "limit to 1 response per email" to ease the result processing . If voters do not have gmail or do not own any email, they could still vote with the passcode. The form owner will then need to process the voted result to make sure that there is no multiple passcode submitted for the vote.

Can I know who is voting without knowing their voting choice?

No, this system works anonymously which means that you will only able to know which passcode has been used without knowing the person that votes.

Can this system works online and offline voting?

No, this system only works online. Due to it's anonymous environment you won't be able to determine who has voted. The only way is to identify who will be voting online and offline, then passcode is only send to online voters.

Else, you need to record all the sent passcode (via email) while voting offline and online and proceed to post-process the voting result later on to make sure valid unique passcode is submitted.

I only have normal Gmail account, not Google Workspace or GSuite account. Can this system/add-on works for me?

Yes, this system/Add-on works for Gmail account or Google Workspace Account. The difference is on different daily quota imposed by Google. (Gmail is around 100, Workspace Account is around 1500).

I have organization that is larger than the email daily limit impose by Google. What is the possibly workaround?

There's few workaround that you could refer to:

  1. You can separate your voting session by time. Using different account to generate the passcode for each session in the same google form. Or you can use the same account to conduct the voting by separating the voters into different day to vote, hence you will need to generate the passcode for each day.

  2. Purchase 1 add-on license and install it into one of the Google Form, then duplicate the form and run the Form Add-on with different account. After the voting session, consolidate all the results into one spreadsheet.

  3. Purchase multiple add-on license for different accounts to be installed on different forms. After the voting session, consolidate all the results into one spreadsheet.